I’m doing something a little different today and looking back at my teacher training.  

As a lot of you already know, I took a Cambridge English CELTA course in preparation for moving to Vienna last year. CELTA stands for Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults.  The qualification is available for beginner and professional teachers at different institutions around the world, but my particular CELTA course was run through British Study Centres in Oxford.

My CELTA was a four week intensive course, but a part time option is also available.  During the course I taught students at 2 different levels for a total of 6 hours. The lessons were observed and graded by our course tutors.  There were also compulsory observations of experienced teachers and 4 written assignments about teaching theory, learner assessment, and our reflection on the course experience.   All of this took up only half of the course time.  Each morning we took part in seminar style teaching workshops Continue reading