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Mairi Learning German: Progress Update

Here’s the year’s first update on my German progress.

How is your German learning going?

I would say that my German is going steadily.

Christmas was challenging.   It was strange to be back in the UK for 2 weeks. I could order coffee without having to think of what to say beforehand! All the signs were written in English! Hearing people with British accents in the street was ordinary! When I hear someone with a British accent in Vienna I want to run over and make a new friend.

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Resilience in Language Learning

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote about studying German.  In that time, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of resilience in language learning. Here’s how I’ve been getting on.

How is your German learning going?

It’s going ok… reasonably well… not bad…  This month has definitely reminded me how difficult it is to learn a new language!

 What have you been doing for the last month?

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Top Tips for Learning a Language – Part 2

In the last post I wrote about some of the things I’ve learned since I started studying my second language.  We looked at the importance of planning your studies, making time to practice, and being consistent with the way you learn.

If you’re learning a new language, it’s important to focus on receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing). When you’re studying a language by yourself, it’s easy to get reading and listening practice, but much harder to practice the productive skills which are so important if you want to become fluent in your new language.   I hope that the next four tips help you to include more speaking and writing practice in your daily routine.

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Top Tips for Learning a Language – Part 1

I moved to Vienna in late summer, which has meant a lot of changes.  One of the biggest is that as well as being a teacher, I’m now a language learner again! My German is only intermediate, and so far I’ve tried short evening courses, intensive courses and self study to try to improve. That last one is  the most difficult for me.  Whether it’s homework, revision, or wider reading, it’s always easy to become distracted from your learning and lose motivation.

My last couple of months as a student have reminded me how challenging it is to learn a new language, and I hope that that makes me a better teacher.

Whether you’re in a class, working with a tutor, or teaching yourself, here are my tips for staying motivated.

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