MonthDecember 2014

New Year in Scotland

Hello everybody!  

I hope your Christmases were wonderful.  I spent the week with the English half of my family, eating too much and relaxing after a busy four months in Vienna. However, the celebrations are far from over.  I’m back in Scotland until the beginning of January, and New Year here is an even bigger party than Christmas.

Since my blog post on UK Christmas traditions was so much fun, I’ve decided to write about some of the things which make New Year in Scotland so exciting.

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Christmas in the UK

It’s almost Christmas! 

In the last two weeks I have eaten more Weihnachtskekse than I can count and visited what feels like every Christmas market in Vienna.   Now my classes are over until 2015 and in a couple of days I’m flying back to the UK. 

I love Christmas, but this year I’m especially excited because 1. It’s been a VERY long time since I had a holiday, and 2.  I haven’t been out of Vienna since August.

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At, On, and In

Today’s post is a bit shorter than usual, but I hope you’ll find it useful. I’d like to show you a simple diagram I use to teach the prepositions of time.

The prepositions of time are at, on, and in.  We use these prepositions when talking about events in the past, discussing future plans, and making arrangements.

When I take German lessons, I find prepositions very confusing, so I understand how hard this can be.  Thankfully, in English, we have an easy way to remember which is correct. Look at the diagram below:

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